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A weekly update illustrating some of the ways that Helicopter Association International (HAI) is “keeping the rotors turning” for our members.

Cade Clark, Vice President, Government Affairs

During the past week, the US House of Representatives finished debate on the first appropriations minibus package. The bill passed nearly on party lines (226-203), with seven Democrats joining all House Republicans in voting against the package, which encompassed the spending bills for Labor-Health and Human Services-Education, Energy and Water Development, Defense, and State-Foreign Operations.

On Tuesday, the House passed the second minibus, which includes the Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-Science (CJS), Interior-Environment, Military Construction-Veterans’ Affairs (VA), and Transportation-Housing and Urban Development (HUD) spending bills.

Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.), the co-chair of the Quiet Skies Caucus and a senior member of the Aviation Subcommittee, filed an amendment to the transportation appropriations bill that would direct the FAA to prioritize combating airplane and helicopter noise. The House passed the amendment on Monday, and it is now contained in the larger bill.

On Tuesday, HAI along with AMOA and NATA, sent a letter to the Senate expressing opposition to S. 1895; Section 105 of the bill could open the door to attempts to amend the Airline Deregulation Act’s preemption provision.

The letter states that the Senate carefully developed language to address air medical billing in the 2018 FAA Reauthorization Bill and provided for the establishment of the Air Ambulance and Patient Billing Advisory Committee. The letter noted that the Advisory Committee should be allowed to do its work.

Chris Martino, Vice President, Operations

Chris Martino attended the FAA Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ARAC) Meeting last week. HAI is a voting member of the ARAC, a committee that provides recommendations and advice to the FAA on the full scope of issues impacting the US aviation industry.

The committee executes tasks assigned by the FAA by forming industry working groups to study and provide input on various issues. The Rotorcraft Occupant Protection Working Group and the Rotorcraft Bird Strike Working Group are examples of recent ARAC efforts. HAI staff members served on both committees to represent the concerns of the rotorcraft industry.

Chris and the Operations team also hosted several HAI committee meetings at HAI headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. These meetings included the Safety Committee, the Technical Committee, and the Utilities Patrol and Construction (UPAC) Committee (shown in photo, with HAI President and CEO Matt Zuccaro addressing the group).

Matt Callan, Director, Regulations and International Affairs

Last week, Matt Callan drafted an ICAO Flight Operations Panel, Helicopter Sub-Group working paper in preparation for the October 2019 meeting of the FLTOPSP meeting in Montreal.

The paper addressed the issue of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting used to mark enroute obstacles (typically those exceeding 200 feet) and pilots’ inability to see the LED-lit obstacles while wearing night-vision goggles (NVGs). The paper highlighted LED and NVG incompatibility and provided accounts from qualified NVG operators who have conducted inflight tests or gathered operational experience using NVGs with enroute obstacles.

Matt also attended an ICAO Instrument Flight Procedures Panel, Helicopter Working Group teleconference and discussed point-in-space approaches and low-altitude IFR routes.

Anuja Miner, Director, Membership

Anuja Miner and Membership Coordinator Shaquanta McFadden offer their appreciation to all HAI members for their continued support and for renewing their HAI membership.

For those members who have not yet renewed, this is a reminder that your HAI membership will expire next Monday, June 30. In addition, please note that if you are exhibiting at HAI HELI-EXPO 2020 in Anaheim, California, the deadline for Lottery 2 Application for Space and payment is August 9. To receive the member discount for your booth, your HAI membership dues must be paid in full prior to booth assignments.

Shaquanta and Anuja are both available at 703-683-4646 or by email at member@rotor.org to answer questions about renewal or address other membership questions.

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