Novictor Helicopters donates masks to Molokai General Hospital

Christine DeJoy Rotorcraft Supporting COVID-19 Ops

May 1, 2020

Novictor Helicopters, Honolulu, Hawaii, donated 300 masks to Molokai General Hospital  on a April 29. The masks, called “The Viper” antimicrobial mask, are equipped with a replaceable filter for long-term use and could be very helpful at Molokai, where a lot less traffic is coming in to the island to provide supplies and other items amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The masks are made by DreamLab Industries in Traverse City, Mich., a small, 3-D printing company that has answered the call for help in Michigan and ramped up operations to make this type of mask.

Novictor coordinated with Jan Kalanihuia, president of Molokai General Hospital, after Hawaii News Now published an article with a plea for help to Queen’s Hospital on March 24. Novictor Assistant Chief Pilot Bastian Hagspiel and Chief Pilot Nicole Vandelaar flew over in a Robinson R44 helicopter. The flight is only about 35 minutes to the east of Oahu, where Novictor is based. The entire trip took us less than two hours, and the crew reports that it was able to safely remain within COVID-19 guidelines.

The entire Novictor team was grateful to find a way to help and wrote electronic messages to the staff at the hospital that were all printed on paper and given to them.

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